Plasma contains many features essential for cell existence including vitamins, hormones, nutrients, electrolytes, growth factors (such as HGF and IGF), and proteins. The molecules in the plasma proteins are vital for the coagulation of the fibrin polymer formation; serving as a scaffold for cell migration and new tissue repair and production.

Elite-PRP is a concentration of platelets (PLT) in a small volume of plasma. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment utilizes the patient’s own (autologous) PLT, derived from his/her blood.

Elite-PRP utilizes the human body’s normal healing pathways at an accelerated rate to rejuvenate and regenerate many bodily functions for many procedures.

  1. Forms blood clots
  2. Releases growth factors and proteins
  3. Stimulates stem cells to regenerate new tissue
  4. Accelerates bone healing through osteo-progenitor cells
  5. PLT must be active to decrease procedural risks

No, skin testing is not required prior to use.

No, Elite-PRP gradually takes time to correct the skin. Your healthcare provider may assess you again after a few weeks to decide whether or not you need another Elite-PRP treatment.

Ask Your Doctor or Your Aesthetic Consultant about ELITE-PRP by Name to make sure you are using the Original MADE IN CANDA Brand as the Attached picture