Elite-PRP & Cardiology

Platelet-rich plasma, an autologous fractionation of whole blood containing high concentration of growth factors, has been proven to effectively enhance healing and angiogenesis by reparative cell signaling [1]. PRP includes vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), platelet-derived growth factor, epithelial growth factor and derived growth factor (TGF- β1) that is secreted by platelet to trigger the healing cascade. In regards to methodology, PRP can be applied surgically (epicadial) into the ischemic areas with a thin needle. The less invasive interventional delivery routes can be transendocardial catheter injection [1]. PRP has emerged as an additional method for repairing cardiac muscle due to its regenerative properties. Recent studies have stated that PRP-derived growth factors inserted into biomaterials can open new horizons in the myocardial infraction treatment [1].

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