Platelet-Rich Plasma injections are used extensively in facial rejuvenation therapies, such as the face lift and PRP combination therapy collectively. PRP technology is now being combined with facial fillers to minimize the detrimental signs of facial aging. A non-surgical procedure, the combination therapy promotes new tissue growth – improving overall skin tone, producing a more youthful facial appearance. Patients benefit from this process as there is no down time and results can last for over a year [2]. The fillers provide instant volume to therapeutic area and the PRP is injected above the filler to provide an immediate skin regeneration process. Patients will perceive and feel the effects of the treatment within minutes [2]. The combination treatment with platelet-rich plasma and fillers has been clinically proven to have an enhancing effect on skin tone and texture, also prolonging the filler treatment for 3 to 6 months longer than when used alone.


Monthly PRP injections have been shown to have satisfactory effects on the face and neck. Patients who do not want filler treatment can still benefit greatly from platelet-rich plasma therapy. Platelet-rich plasma injections can be injected just under the body of the skin to make a little amount of its own ‘filler’ – making significant textural improvements.

Have you ever heard of a PRP or Vampire Facial? Elite-PRP is applied to the skin, making tiny lesions; beginning the collagen process and tissue repair from growth factors found in the platelet rich plasma – promoting anti-aging effects due to the growth of thicker skin.